Whether you have been riding Harley Davidsons since you were old enough to reach the handlebars, or you just bought your first Harley, there is something so beautiful about these motorcycles that it is almost impossible to fully capture how stunning they are with words alone. We know how it feels to marvel at the chrome and paint so expertly arranged into a roaring work of art, and we also know that feeling of disappointment after a long ride (or several weeks of riding) when you see your Harley in a certain light and you notice just how dirty it has become. Life on the road is tough for any vehicle, but it is much more noticeable on a bike because of its size.

If your Harley is looking a little rough, or you want it back to showroom condition, give us a call at Biketailing Specialties in Miami. We are the premier motorcycle wash and detailer in the area. No one does work like we do because no one else is as dedicated to the fine art and crafting of motorcycling detailing as we are. For years, we detailed our own bikes because no one else ever met our standards, and eventually we decided that we had to share or passion for shining up bikes right with other motorcycle riders in the greater-Miami area. When you bring your Harley into Biketailing, we treat it the way we want our bikes treated — with absolute care and respect. Our International Detailing Association (IDA) certified detailers will turn even the dirtiest bike into a gleaming beacon of perfection. Set up your appointment today or stop by our shop and see just how seriously we take motorcycle detailing. Read on for more information about how we clean and detail Harleys, as well as all other kinds of motorcycles.


Some places think that a little soap and some water is all that is necessary to clean a motorcycle. They’re just plain wrong. Motorcycles, especially Harleys, are built using many different materials that all need to be cleaned differently with a variety of products. To avoid spotting, cloudiness, and all other manner of “blech,” we treat each surface separately in order to make every bit of your motorcycle look the way it is supposed to. And we don’t skimp on choosing the best cleaners, either.


Sometimes all your Harley needs to look great is a motorcycle wash and some light detailing, however, if you’ve just ridden to Sturgis or California and back, you’ll need something more involved. Whatever shape your bike is in, we have a package that makes sure your bike is taken care of without having to overspend. When you call or stop by, ask about what each package entails, or check out that information, here.

Ready to have your motorcycle washed and detailed by the best shop in Miami? Give us a call at Biketailing Specialties right now and set up your appointment. Our shop is clean and comfortable and we know that you’re going to love the way your motorcycle looks once we’re done with it.

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