Dry Ice Blasting: Powerful, Non-Abrasive, Waterless.

Popular among collectors and show bike owners for its delicate, yet effective nature. An innovative procedure, also known as cryogenic detailing or dry ice detailing, uses dry ice blasting on motorcycles to treat surface contaminants, accumulated over the years, in a non-abrasive way. Dry ice sublimates into a harmless natural gas, leaving no water, moisture or residue and no waste. Cryo detailing can be used to clean, restore, or preserve different surfaces during different processes.


Collectors and show bike owners look for techniques that will clean, detail, and restore a motorcycle meticulously while protecting the integrity of every surface. Cryo detailing is an innovative technique that promises mind-blowing results. Thoroughly removing all types of contaminants such as oils, greases, other organic buildup (bacteria or mold) from almost all surfaces without water or aggressive chemicals.


Dry ice is frozen CO2 and is approx. -80° C cold. For cleaning purposes, dry ice is pressed into small pellets and applied to the surface to be cleaned using dry ice cleaning machines.
Due to the cold and the high speed of the dry ice pellets, the dirt becomes brittle and cracks – the surface to be cleaned is not attacked because dry ice is not abrasive.
Upon impact, the dry ice pellets increase their volume by 760 times and “blast” the dirt particles off the surface.
Dry ice changes from the solid to the gaseous state (sublimation) and dissolves without residue. There is no moisture and no contamination from the blasting material.

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