Motorcycle Restoration & Customization: 2018 Harley-Davidson Deluxe

2018 Harley Davidson Deluxe Before Motorcycle Restoration

This 2018 Harley-Davidson Deluxe had seen better days, and its owner wanted to see it come back to life. We cherish opportunities like these, where we can show the power of professional motorcycle restoration, and within that process work on a complete motorcycle customization. At the end, it was all the same memories engrained into that bike, but with a new look and in pristine shape.

How did our team complete the transformation of this 2018 Harley-Davidson Deluxe? It’s all about passion and hard work. Watch the full video for details of the process and read more below. Let’s take a closer look together!

Evaluation of the Motorcycle Before Restoration Begins

Before embarking on this restoration journey, we began with a precise evaluation that was basically followed by a process of motorcycle rebuilding. The owner’s dream customization was our mission, and we were eager to make it a reality. Every section of the motorcycle was meticulously assessed, from each type of metal, to the paint, leather seat, lights, speedometer, controls, etc.

The next step was to disassemble most parts in order to have access to everything and work on each portion individually. Different parts required extensive restoration, re-chroming, replacement, or repainting and reupholstering.

Bike Restoration, Customization, and Preservation

The motorcycle restoration process kicked off by addressing each surface with the high level of care required. Each surface was brought back to life first or replaced, then preserved with different professional techniques and different types of ceramic coatings.

Metals: rejuvenate each metal section of the motorcycle.

  • Remove rust from motorcycle
  • Extreme chrome polish
  • Re-chrome lower fork sliders

Rims and Tires: correct the surface and seal results for a long-lasting shine.

Engine: thorough process to eradicate oxidation and apply protection that lasts.

Frame: restore original shine of the surface.

  • Powder coated restoration

Paint: custom paint for fenders and as part of the motorcycle fuel tank restoration, followed by 5-year ceramic coating protection with our top-of-the-line Gyeon coatings offering a high level of reflection and hydrophobicity.

Replacements: finishing touches to complete the motorcycle restoration and customization.

  • Reupholstered full seat with new custom seat using white and blue leather
  • New speedometer
  • New switch housings
  • Removed original tank emblems and replaced with new blue emblems to match the custom paint job

The list above explains what was done in this particular motorcycle restoration, to learn about our full motorcycle restoration process click below.

New Look and Restored Motorcycle

2018 Harley Davidson Deluxe Before Motorcycle Restoration
2018 Harley Davidson Deluxe After Motorcycle Restoration

Behold, the completed motorcycle restoration and customization! This is not just a motorcycle; it’s a whole new bike, leaving its owner ecstatic.

At Biketailing, with over 40 years of experience in motorcycle detailing and restoration, we understand this art is the result of pure passion. Explore our motorcycle detailing and restoration services and call us with any questions, we are up for any challenge!

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