While rebuilding a transmission or checking the timing of your motorcycle’s engine is purely a numbers game, motorcycle detailing is similar in some ways and very different in others. In this blog entry, we want to discuss the ways that detailing is both a science and an art.

When you need a motorcycle wash and detailer that you can count on to deliver the best results each time you bring your bike in, Miami’s Biketailing Specialties is always the right choice. We have years of experience and our detailing facility is an inviting and exciting space where you will love to hang out. While you wait, you can shoot some pool, talk with other motorcycle enthusiasts, check your email on our free Wi-Fi, and have a wonderful time. When your bike is done being detailed, it will look so spectacular that you will almost think that it is brand new! Call us or stop by to have your bike detailed!


In order to ensure that your bike is being cared for in the most gentle, yet effective manner possible, Biketailing Specialties uses only the most tried-and-true materials, cleaners, and techniques. By looking at the available data and using industry-standard materials, we can prevent any new damage to your paint and chrome and, in some cases, slow down degradation that has already started. While there are many cleaners and solvents out there that promise to perform miracles, we stick with what has been proven to work while integrating new agents when we believe there is enough information to confirm that they do only good for your motorcycle. Our dedication to doing things the right way is what led us to becoming certified by the International Detailing Association (IDA). The IDA sets strict guidelines for the proper way to detail cars and bikes in a way that restores their looks without doing damage to your vehicles.

Our team offers the highest level of professional motorcycle detailing services, including:

  • Paint Correction
  • Chrome Correction
  • Chrome Polish
  • Rust Removal
  • Ceramic Coating (Glossy/Matte Paint, Exhaust, Rims, etc.)
  • White Wall Tire Stain Removal
  • And Much More

After evaluating the state of a motorcycle the team designs a customized plan for that biker, and they choose from an itemized list of services. The work may include a few professional detailing services or be a complete motorcycle restoration to bring it back to life.


When we started riding motorcycles 40 years ago, there weren’t motorcycle washes or dedicated motorcycle detailers. You had to go to your repair shop and ask them to clean it up after they finished working on your bike or you had to do it yourself. We always liked bringing out the shine and luster of our bikes, so we just kept doing it. Over the years, we learned as much as we could and we honed our craft until we knew how to take care of almost any problem. While the science of knowing what cleaners did what was important, we developed a feel for certain kinds of paint and other surfaces that you just can’t get without many years of doing the work.

If you live in the Miami area and you have been searching for a motorcycle wash and detailer that understands how to treat a motorcycle, then come by Biketailing Specialties. Our full-service detailing shop will make your bike shine in a way that you might not have thought was possible! Contact us today to learn more.

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