International Collector 1989 Suzuki RGV250

After working on this unique bike, we participated in the logistics to help ensure safe arrival in Honduras.

A passionate collector who spent years on the hunt, finally found the vintage motorcycle he had been looking for. His primary business is overseeing the Pepsicola bottling plant in Honduras, South America, and it brought him both success and a deep appreciation for all things exceptional.

A Collector’s Dream

Finally, at an auction, he found the vintage motorcycle he had been looking to add to his collection for years. This isn’t just any bike; it is a piece of racing history. This 1989 Suzuki RGV250 bears the signatures of not one but two legends in the world of motorsports: Kevin Schwantz, the revered road racer, and the head of the Suzuki/Pepsicola team. It is a motorcycle that has seen the thrill of the race and carries with it the legacy of champions.

Preservation for Generations to Come

The moment he acquired this motorcycle he called Biketailing Specialties to make an appointment to bring this piece of history back to its former glory. The goal was clear – to improve every finish, to restore it to its original brilliance, and to seal it in time, preserving it for generations to come.

The motorcycle was shipped to the Biketailing studio directly from the auction for evaluation. Our team understood the gravity of the task at hand and the meticulous process began. This motorcycle is not just a machine; it is a piece of living history, and we took every effort to maintain its integrity while enhancing its beauty. Every detail examined, every imperfection corrected and sealed with the highest level of professional products in the market.

This process included:

  • Paint correction
  • Chrome correction
  • Aluminum correction
  • Ceramic coating to seal every surface


This unique motorcycle now remains in a time capsule of perfection. After the work was done, the Biketailing team participated in the coordination of logistics to ensure safe arrival to the collector’s home in Honduras, South America. Now it rests in an air-conditioned space, shielded from the test of time and the outdoor elements. It has now possibly become ONE OF ONLY TWO MOTORCYCLES of its type left in the world in such pristine conditions. 

At Biketailing, we are honored to have been a part of this journey. It’s stories like these that inspire us every day, reminding us that we’re not just in the business of detailing motorcycles; we’re in the business of preserving dreams and honoring legacies. Whether it’s a vintage masterpiece or a modern marvel, we’re here to make your motorcycle shine and help you safeguard its story for the ages.

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