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GYEON Q2M Towel Wash 500ml


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About this item:

High quality microfibers are precious accessories every detailer needs in their car detailing kits. That’s why taking good care of them is very important. Q²M TowelWash is a gentle washing liquid for cleaning microfiber towels without affecting their performance. Q²M TowelWash may also be used as a gentle microfiber towel wash for natural wool wash mitts during a hand wash. It helps remove dirt and any contamination build up, thoroughly cleaning the fibers.

A PURE MICROFIBER CLEANER – Our experience and laboratory tests have shown that the best results in cleaning and maintaining microfibers are achieved when a ‘pure’ cleanser is used. No fabric softeners, no fragrance, no color additives – that is why Q²M TowelWash remains pure.

SAFE AND ECO FRIENDLY – As microfibers are often washed in the same washing machine as your clothes, we made Q²M TowelWash totally bio-degradable and safe for the environment. Not only are there no fragrance or color additives inside of this microfiber towel wash, there are no harmful effects on the ecosystem.