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GYEON Q2M Bald Wipe Terry 40cm x 40cm


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About this item:

The low pile, edgeless Q²M BaldWipe EVO is gentle yet very effective. It meets various applications, being equally effective during cleaning, polishing, or maintaining a vehicle. It removes the remains of polishing pastes easily, without leaving marks or light scratches. Completely new weaving of the microfibre and higher than before GSM increases softness and absorbency. The ultrasonic cut provides a precise and safe edgeless finish.

INITIAL COATING REMOVAL – The BaldWipe EVO Towel is the perfect towel for the initial removal of excess coating during the application process. The short and tightly knit fibers are super absorbent and provide a fantastic initial level of the coating.

EDGELESS AND EXTREMELY SAFE – The short fiber, edgeless Q²M BaldWipe EVO towel is a gentle yet very effective microfiber car towel. It’s an accessory that suits many different applications, being equally as good whether it comes to wiping off coatings, applying Q²M Cure or cleaning the paint with Q²M Tar as it is when used with Q²M Prep. It removes the rest of the polishing pastes, without leaving marks or light scratches easily. Q²M BaldWipe EVO can also be used as a universal microfiber for interior detailing. This towel, just like all of our edgeless towels, is fabricated using the most advanced laser-cutting technology.