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Deluxe Wheel Brush


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About this item:

The Speed Master Wheel Brush was developed to clean today’s intricate wheel designs better than any other brush on the market. The speed master wheel brush was manufactured to exact specifications, right down to the hot rod red bristles. The speed master wheel brush has a thick, reinforced stem that bends to clean behind spokes and between the wheel and the brake caliper! The bristles are slightly feathered on the ends to gently clean delicate wheel finishes, such as coated or plated wheels, without scratching. I believe this is the ultimate wheel brush. Clean any type of design and any wheel finish with the speed master wheel brush.

Safe bonded tip – The tip of the Speed Master Wheel Brush is coated in vinyl to protect the wheel from contact. No part of the internal wire stem is visible so there’s no chance of it scratching the wheel as long as the bonded tip stays in tact.