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GYEON Q2M Bathe 400ml


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About this item:

If you like a little to go a long way, Q2M Bathe Essence is the wash soap to keep with your motorcycle washing supplies. Highly concentrated motorcycle shampoo would be an understatement with a dilution ratio of 1:2000. 5 ml of product is perfect for about 4 gallons of water give 80 washes out of a 400ml bottle. Impressive cleaning power and the ability to remove dirt, grime and light organic contamination are combined with fantastic slickness and high foam in Q2M Bathe Essence.

SAFE ON ALL SURFACES – Q²M Bathe Essence is completely safe on all exterior surfaces of your motorcycle despite its high concentration. It does not strip waxes or affect coatings, nor does it leave the finish dull. It has a pure formula, without any color or scent additives. It contains no gloss magnifiers, making it a great concentrated shampoo on coated motorcycles that also allows for a coating performance check. Q²M Bathe Essence is safe on bare paint and does not strip waxes.

VERY SLICK – Q²M Bathe Essence produces high foam and a large amount of suds. However, the crucial property of this concentrated motorcycle shampoo is its slickness which greatly contributes to the safety of the wash. Use a high-quality wash mitt to collect dirt particles with almost no friction!