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GYEON Q2M Cure Matte 400ml


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About this item:

Q²M Cure Matte is a unique, silica-based spray sealant designed for matte finished paints and films. This matte sealant spray is both a stand-alone product, providing durable protection and self-cleaning abilities and a spray detailer for ceramic coatings that belogs in all motorcycle detailing kits.

NO GLOSS – Q²M Cure Matte will enrichen the underlying color of the body without adding any unwanted gloss for a very healthy look. Pair this matte sealant spray with instant hydrophobic properties and self-cleaning and you have the perfect maintenance solution for matte and satin finishes of all kinds.

BOOST YOUR COATING – When used as a maintenance topper for our Q2Matte Ceramic Coating, Q²M Cure Matte will keep the hydrophobic and repellency properties of the coating performing at their maximum and extend the life and performance of your coating system.